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Samaná, ancestral indigenous territory of the Samaní.

Since I was little my parents took me to this part of the island. I marveled at the cream colored sang and blue of the waters, the bay, the vegetation, the coconut flavor in so many things, the fruits of the sea, and the beauty of nature in the primary forests that were, and are in danger, like so many other regions of the island and the Caribbean.

Being a refuge for the Cocolo culture and Afro-indigenous traditions where offerings are still brought and rituals performed in the Wákara (caves), Samaná marked my childhood with every visit we made as a family. There were the first waves I surfed, the meeting of the rivers with the sea where I played, the mangroves and their inhabitants, and the first Seiba tronadora/jabillo kayuko that I paddled.

Now Samaná marks my heart too, seeing with every chance I have to return so many forests that are lost to build hotels that only produce profit and benefit the owners, almost entirely foreigners, and our people doing their best to maintain their families, as always.

At an ancestral level, the Samaní people of this region were particular. They were a people who defended the island due to its location on the peninsula, they worked a lot with clay and what the waters provided. Samaná is the only region I know that still today preserves the different Fotuto sounds of the ancient indigenous communication system.

This end of the year we return to Samaná with a sacred purpose. Through KAIRI, New Year's Retreat, we are going to recover the ancestral connection with the Samaní territory, making offerings and various practices of the island's ancestry. It is very important that in Samaná we honor the nature of the territory and do everything we can to protect its forests.

For those who feel the calling, we will welcome the new year of the modern/gregorian calendar (because the indigenous new year occurs at another time) in a spiritual way, with Eastern wellness practices and connecting with the roots of the island as a family.


New Years Retreat in El Limón, Samaná

29 December 2023 - 3 January 2024

Friday 29 - Arrival and Intentions

Saturday 30 - Tuesday 2 • Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Ether

Each day will be dedicated to an Element held by practices that include:

• Daily Yoga Practice and Meditation

• Breathwork Ritual

• Tantra Practices for Beginners

• Relaxing downtime in Nature and at the Beach

• Arawak Cosmovision and Medicine Teachings

• Native Arawak Rituals: Sacred Fire, Water Ritual, Areyto: traditional song and dance, Plant Medicine

• Medicine Song Circle

• NYE Ecstatic Cacao Dance

• El Limón Waterfall Excursion

Wednesday 3 - Departure

For more information and registration via Whatsapp +34 695 72 40 95

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