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About the Center

The Centro de Saberes Ancestrales del Caribe started in 2019 through Caribbean indigenous ancestral education classes, trainings, sacred gatherings and workshops in Bohio/Ayiti Island and later in the broader Caribbean and Abya Yala. Today through our Escuela Ancestral, we are a community of cultural education of the ancestral roots of the Caribbean, preserving and sharing the culture and language of Native Caribbean peoples through traditional knowledge and indigenous wisdom, while creating alliances with other indigenous nations across the islands and continent. The Center is now based in the north coast of el Sibao region in Cabarete, Puerto Plata.

About the Founder & Director

Prof. Alfonso Peralta, is an indigenous leader, professor and writer of the Arawak Karibe Nation. He founded the Centro de Saberes Ancestrales del Caribe in 2019, a center dedicated to the education, wisdom teachings and indigenous Caribbean languages, sharing Taino Studies offerings in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Borikén (Puerto Rico), Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Peru, Brasil, and Colombia. He has written two books on Caribbean ancestral culture and recorded Arawak medicine music.

Beyond his degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences and Political Science with a master's degree in Science, Technology and Public Policy, the most important educational training he has received has been in the mountains and campos with Abuelas and Taitas of the Arawak (Taino), Lakota, Cree, Yepá Mahsã (Tukano), Quechua, Ewe, Yoruba and Potiguará nations. He taught at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) in Santo Domingo and Michigan State University in East Lansing, covering social sciences, didactics, geography, and history of Afro-Caribbean culture.

Alfonso dedicates his life to preserving nature, life
, and indigenous wisdom through alliance with other indigenous nations and communities across Abya Yala, sharing the education, language and cosmovision of the native peoples of the Caribbean through the Esucela Ancestral, committed to sharing the ancestral knowledge of Abuelas and Taitas for the benefit of all beings and the Earth.

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Centro de Saberes Ancestrales del Caribe

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